It is with a heavy heart that we reflect on the loss of a trailblazer, civil rights icon and first African American mayor of the City of New York, David Dinkins. Mayor Dinkins made significant contributions to the City of New York. Those accomplishments included prioritizing the addition of judges of color to the New York City Court System – something which remains a challenge. He also made sure that we had a first rate tennis center built in New York City and world class tournament, the U.S. Open (which is often attributed to subsequent City administrations), and cleaned up Times Square to make it family friendly (Disney invested in this venture). These are just a few of the notable things the Hon. David Dinkins accomplished in the four years of his tenure.

Mayor Dinkins’ administration consisted of people who reflected the constituents of the City. All were welcome in his tent of governance. Mayor Dinkins was a man of great intellect, dignity, and honesty. He was truly a public servant who loved the City of New York and all of the people of New York! He was the ultimate stateman and never stooped to the level of his accusers when certain factions in New York City wrongfully castigated him and called him vicious and ugly names. Mayor Dinkins always remained a man of integrity.

The year of 2020 has seen the loss of African American civil right giants, Congressman John Lewis, and now Mayor David Dinkins, among others, who sacrificed so much for those of us who came behind them. Their moment on this earth has enabled us to enjoy such freedoms as the right to vote, along with greater educational and job opportunities, of which we were systematically deprived.

We salute and applaud all of our great leaders who made it possible for us to serve in the offices that we currently hold.

Our world and humanity has been greatly diminished by the passing of the Honorable David Dinkins. Let us pray for the Dinkins family who also lost their mother nearly a month ago as well.

Justice Deborah Dowling & Judge Jeanine R. Johnson

Judicial Friends Association