New York, New York, November 6, 2020

JFA vehemently opposes the decision of the Unified Court System (the Court System) to deny the certifications and re-certifications of 46 of the 49 Supreme Court Justices who have passed the age of 70, and the ninety-day notification to, and termination of, each of the Judge’s support staff (principal law clerks and assistant law clerks/secretaries). In a letter sent to Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Larry Marks on November 2, 2020, we joined with other Judicial groups and State Legislators in urging the Administrative Board of the Court System to recognize the detrimental and inequitable effect of their decision, to reconsider their decision, and to find alternative solutions to reduce the court’s budget that will have a far lesser impact on the efficiency of the Court System.

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About the Judicial Friends Association, Inc.

The Judicial Friends Association, Inc. (“JF”) was established in 1976 by a group of Black judges within the State of New York seeking the fair and just treatment of minority judges, judicial staff and attorneys. JF serves to educate and advocate on behalf of the judiciary, court staff, and attorneys on issues affecting the court system.